Amarillo is home to some of the finest people in Texas, and many in Amarillo have a long lineage or even built the home that they live in. Yet the housing market has grown rapidly and changed dramatically throughout the life of this town. For any Amarillo residents whose West Texas home has become a burden, JDub Buys Homes are here to help.

At JDub, we are in the home-buying business, and we don’t let much of anything get in the way. We recognize that there are many reasons that homeowners need to complete a fast, efficient, cash offer sale of their home, and we are the Amarillo home buyer who will get you a fair deal on your home.

You don’t have to undergo the complicated and expensive process of selling your Amarillo home through a local realtor. With JDub, we can get a deal done at an excellent price and put cash straight into your hands in as little as 5 days!

Imagine, instead of going through the traditional realty process, you get to do this:

- Guaranteed SOLD home within a week. No listing, showings, or cleaning. Cash offer.
- No realtor fees or unexpected costs.
- Sell before you repair/renovate. No work for you and no inspection required.

All of this is possible. No one can force you to sell through the prolonged process of realty, and we want you to know you’ve got a guaranteed buyer that can get you out of your home.

The Way Out of a Hard Home

Homeownership is a long story, and it has many chapters. Some chapters are wonderful, like getting the keys to your first home put in your hand or prepping an unused bedroom for a new arrival to the family. But other chapters can be difficult or leave you feeling wounded, and a home you once loved becomes a reminder of something you’d rather forget.

Selling a home during a time of hardship shouldn’t increase the burden on the seller, and JDub Buys Houses will make it easy to get your home out of your hands for a fair price, without all of the hassle associated with a home sale.

Here are some situations where our service is a great relief to Amarillo home sellers:

Financial Hardship has left you with a mortgage you can’t afford. We can get the equity into your hands, in cash, before your next mortgage payment comes due.

Divorce has left you with an asset that neither party wants to live in. Get the cash value out of your home to be divided evenly and prevent further disputes.

A Tax Lien has been placed on your home and you need a way out. We’ll buy any home and take on the lien ourselves. The lender gets paid, and you get free from the debt.

Awful Tenants have made your landlord's tenure a nightmare. We’ll work with you and the tenants to purchase the house, and take the problem off your hands.

Unwanted Inheritance has left you a house that you don’t want to live in, repair, or bother with the sale. We’ll buy it as is, and you walk away with cash.

We Will Buy Any Home

From The Barrio to The Colonies, JDub is ready to give you a fair cash offer for your home today. We have no discrimination about neighborhoods, home conditions, price points, or debt status. You have the right to sell your Amarillo property in whatever way is best for you.

Because JDub Buys Houses is Amarillo owned and operated, we can give you a fair price that fits the Amarillo market. In fact, you can ask around town about our reputation. We have been in the Amarillo home-buying business for years, and we make it a priority to give sellers an excellent and seamless experience getting cash out of their Amarillo homes.

The recent increase in property values? That’s fine with us. You can get maximum value out of your Amarillo property while prices are higher than at any point in history. Allow us to take on the risk, and get excellent equity out of your home while it’s there to be had.

Is This For Real?

All of this is possible, it’s legal, and it’s normal. We hate to see that sellers’ expectations have now been normalized around painfully prolonged selling processes where they get racked with fees they didn’t anticipate. With JDub Buys Houses, you’ve got a direct buyer who is 100% interested in buying your home for cash. Nothing wrong with that.

Unlike other home buyers, JDub insists on doing good deals for our customers because they’re also our West Texas neighbors! No one understands the Amarillo housing market better than us, and we are committed to providing efficient solutions to homeowners who want to get out from under their homes fast, easily, and hassle-free with a fair cash offer.

Homeownership is a privilege, but it’s not an obligation. If you’re ready to get your home sold, call us today. We can get cash value into your hands in as little as 5 days. It’s really that easy, and it all starts with a call. 806-681-5167

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