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"Highly recommend JW. We worked with him when selling the home that only our family resided in for 70+ years. JW was very professional, patient with all our questions and got us to closing very quickly.".

- Melissa Moon-Henson.


"Working with JW was the best decision our family ever made when it came to selling our family home, which had been in our family for 74 years. We were clueless about where to even start with an inherited house, especially since the house had been sitting empty for over a year. But JW was there for us at every turn, ensuring we were in the loop.

He didn't just throw real estate jargon at us; he made sure we understood the whole process and what choices we had. Whenever we made trips to Amarillo, he'd meet up with us to walk through the property and explain all the ins and outs. He even offered to have one-on-one conversations with each of our family members when we had questions or needed to work things out. Life sometimes got in the way, causing delays, but JW was patient and stuck with us.

What we liked most was how he handled the whole situation. It's a big deal to part with a place that holds so much history and emotional attachment. JW approached it with care and respect, which meant the world to us.

I work in the hospitality and customer service industry, and there's something about JW that can't be learned from a textbook. He has that authentic, ingrained sense of hospitality. His service level, attention to detail, and overall expertise were top-notch. If real estate consultants were compared to hotels, JW would be the Four Seasons. We're extremely pleased with the honest service he provided. From our initial meeting to the closing, he was by our side every step of the way.

We talked to other consultants and realtors in Amarillo, but they seemed uneasy about our home's location in a low income area of town and made it pretty clear that they didn't think our sale was worth their time. If you want to save yourself from the disappointment of dealing with these unhelpful and unsympathetic companies and individuals, reach out to JW. You'll be glad you did. Thank you so much JW for everything!".

- Soncy Chin.


"Working with J was the best decision we made in this relocation process. I would do it again in a heartbeat. They worked with us through the entire process and made sure we were comfortable with everything. There was no pressure or sells tactics. Fully recommend to take the ease of moving off your plates."

- Erica O.


"JW made the process of selling our home so easy. From the original walkthrough to closing, it was on our timeline with very little effort from us. Definitely recommend!".

- Cassie Jackson.


"JW was great to work with. Highly recommend him to anyone who needs to sell their home and get it done quick!".

- Jessica Barkley.


"JW was very helpful and honest the whole way through. I would recommend him to anyone desiring great professional services.".

- Zachary Hathaway.


"JW was a saving grace to my husband and I. We sold our home to him and it was a positive and easy experience even after the loss of my brother when we had no strength left for renovations. He made it very easy, fair and timely. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you JW!".

- Michelle McCool.


"The process was very easy and he answered all of our questions and handle all the paperwork with the closing which took a lot of our. plates during our out of state move. Would highly recommend to anyone who's interested in selling there home quickly.".

- Mylie Waight.


"Had a great experience selling my house to JW! Would highly recommend him to anyone!!".

- rena holt.


"JW was very helpful getting my Mother's house sold after she passed. He was a real pleasure to work with and made the process go very smoothly. Highly recommend him if you need to sell a house quickly and efficiently.".

- Sheila Pace.


"Just sold my home to JDub and it was a  smooth and stress free process.  I recommend JDub if you are wanting to sell. He a friendly and tells you right up front what will take place Great guy !!!!".

- Becky Ivy.


"JDub was very easy to work with he remained positive the entire time walked us through the process and everything was done on time like he said it would be I'll definitely do business with him again".

- Ronnie Perry.


"I sold a property to JDub Buys Houses. It was an extremely great experience. I was treated very fairly. I was very impressed with how I was treated. The offer was fair and the person I dealt with was very helpful and understanding. I would definitely deal with them again if I had a need to sell property again.".

- Nelda Patterson.


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Hi! I’m JW Epstein, founder of JDUB Buys Houses. I was born in Livingston, graduated from Texas A&M University, and have called Amarillo home for over 20 years.

Our goal here at JDUB Buys houses is to provide solutions for Texas homeowners. Investing in real estate allows us to help people, make new connections, and have more flexibility with our own time.

Family and community are what drive us in business. My family is very active in the community and proudly attends First Baptist Church in Amarillo.

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